Colombini MA145

Ancient art, modern science.

The Colombini factory has dedicated, in its over 65 years of activity, the best of its resources in designing, building and constantly improving grinders suitable for every step of the productive cycle.

Grinders that unite rigorous engineering and artisanal care, which year by year, display a continuous development.

The company is the story of a family: three generations bound by passion for work, from the pride in results and the willingness of making the firm grow in the hands of the generations that will follow.

Colombini timeline

The birth

The company OM Colombini was set up in the immediate post-war period by its founder Angelo Colombini, as a mechanical workshop specialising in the automobile sector.

From mechanics to coffee

During the 60s when the opportunity arrived to design and construct a new system for grinding coffee, the company decided to invest part of its resources into this new project and as the years went by more and more energy was given over to this direction until finally the automobile sector was completely abandoned.
1975 - Grinder MA145

Icoperfex Colombini

The Icoperfex brand was created at the instigation of Italo Colombini, son of the founder.


In the early 90’s the third generation also joined the company with the same enthusiasm for their work and the same desire to develop the company. To underline the generational continuity the Colombini brand was born, known today throughout Italy, in Europe and the World over as being synonymous with quality and precision.
1996 - Criomak 1000
2004 - Criomak 1000 4AX
2015 - Colombini Angel
2019 - Colombini MAC 5
Colombini in the world


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