100% quality

Fitting the products, in the excellence of the results

The quality results that Colombini is renowned for are the result of the care and attention to detail, the design, construction and assembly to obtain machines that are precise, essential, reliable, easy to run with considerable emphasis put on reducing energy consumption. A 100% quality therefore found at each stage of production and which is evident in the final results as well as in the Customer after-sales service, including by system of remote assistance and remote control of the grinders.

Planning and Design
Machines designed to guarantee ease of use, minimal maintenance and great productive flexibility.
Made in Italy
The grinders are entirely planned and designed in Italy.
Quality in a cup
With the Colombini disc system the finished product has an absolute consistency, which guarantees an always perfect beverage.
Cutting system
Mola Colombini

Colombini grinders use a cutting system which has been studied in great detail. All the research regarding cutting discs and their construction take place exclusively in-house:

Cutting discs are the heart and the “secret” of the machine.

Grinding consists of two stages: rough grinding and fine grinding. Rough grinding is taken care of by two overlapping conical tools; these break down the raw product and send it to the fine grinding unit.
In the fine grinding stage the Colombini cutting discs, constructed in sintered hard metal, grind the product progressively by passing it through three crowns of teeth (rough, intermediate and fine grinding) progressively grinding it into powder. At the end of this stage the product has reached the required granulometry.
Rough grinding units and cutting discs are designed according to the type of product to be ground, to optimise the final results.

Our grinders guarantee “results in the cup” which are of the highest level and difficult to repeat with other methods.

Technical specifications
  • Paired biconcave discs, commonly known as flat discs
  • Construction in sintered hard metal (tungsten carbine certificated for use with foodstuffs with Vickers hardness of > 1300)
  • Machining carried out by CNC grinding with CAD-CAM_CIM system to guarantee precision
  • Durability on average seven times longer than any tempered steel
  • Can be re-sharpened up to 16 times depending on the model