Degassing system BMM Colombini

Colombini degassing

Four specific factors influence the process of coffee degassing:

  • The feeding of the silos
  • The degassing of coffee
  • The preserving of coffee
  • The transfer of coffee from silos to packing machine

For each of these phases, these factors are important:

  • Energy consumption
  • Nitrogen consumption
  • Avoiding the oxidation of the product
  • Maintaining granulometric distribution without changes throughout the various stages of the process
  • Avoiding the contamination of the different blends inside the plant

It is known that with increases in temperature, the residual gasses, CO2 in particular, increase in volume, risking the detachment of the capsules (or in the case of vacuum sealed packets, their swelling), thus the degassing process is a must to keep the capsules sealed and the packets vacuum sealed.

Degassing without equals

The BMM system distributed by Colombini, the high vacuum, is the only one capable of increasing the speed and controlling of the degassing process.

The vacuum transport between silos and packing machines is more efficient when it comes to energy consumption

The preserving of coffee is at zero cost, as it does not necessitate nitrogen

The available sizes of the silos are 150-250-750-1000-1500 Kg

How it works

We have made the choice in order to accelerate the degassing process and eliminate CO2, to extract it forcefully, bringing the silos at elevated depressions, up to -800 millibar.

Given its effectiveness the high vacuum technology has been adopted also for the transport of ground material, both in the silos loading phase and in the transport to the packing machines phase.

Energy saving without equals

The BMM System – Colombini guarantees energy use ten times lower compared to other systems.

In the transport of the ground material between the grinder and the silos and between the silos and the packing machine, the BMM System-Colombini is the only one that guarantees no nitrogen use and almost no energy use, with a potential economic saving equating to tens or hundreds thousands euro/dollars per year.

Why choose a BMM-Colombini degassing system?

Because the use of high vacuum at -800 millibar allows for a 30/40% reduction of the degassing times and as a consequence less silos are needed, reducing the investment and the space needed.

Because the system guarantees nitrogen use not superior to 5m/h in the case of 650 kg silos: there’s no other system on the market with lower nitrogen usage

Because during the product conservation phase, thanks to the high vacuum inside the silos, nitrogen is not needed, providing a clear further economic saving.