Groundable products

Colombini grinders, in particular the cutting discs, are designed to grind many different organic products such as coffee, rice etc. to even very fine powder.

Many other products can also be ground, including non-organic: these can be assessed on receipt of the customer’s sample and according to the hourly output requested.

From the heart of the bean to the taste of coffee
Cup after cup, an always perfect result

A more persistent aroma

Colombini discs cut the bean preserving its microcells that compose it, thus preserving the aromas that they contain.

Quality and unchanged taste

The disc system does not grind by compression thus minimizing heat production and contributing to maintaining intact quality and taste.

Excellence cup after cup

Thanks to the high precision of the machine, quality results remain unchanged with time.

Colombini macinazione caffè filtro
Grinders for filter coffee
Colombini macinazione caffè moka
Grinders for moka coffee
Colombini macinazione caffè espresso
Grinders for espresso coffee
Colombini macinazione caffè turco
Grinders for turkish-style coffee
Coffee in pods
Colombini macinazione caffè per cialde

Grinders for coffee pods

(paper or plastic)

Other processable products
Colombini grinders can also grind other products