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Colombini MAC coffee grinder

Colombini MAC5

The new way of coffee grinding

For over 50 years we have been the world’s only manufacturer of high-capacity industrial discs grinders.
The MAC5 is our most powerful and high-performance model to date.

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Filter coffee
up to 2000 kg/h


Moka coffee
up to 1500 kg/h


Espresso coffee
up to 1300 kg/h


Turkish coffee
up to 400 kg/h


< 1.5 m3


11-20 kW/h


450 kg

High performance

Low power consumption

Steady low temperature

Lightweight and small size

Easy to use

Minimal maintenance

Immediate recipe changeover

Start and stop mode

Zero start-up waste

The more powerful and high-performance
coffee grinder

Discs grinder

Using force takes intelligence

The MAC5 is not only a powerful grinder. The patented rotation system of both burrs makes it possible to achieve any kind of particle size distribution, high hourly flow rates (up to 2 tons/hour), with very low energy consumption, while maintaining low working temperatures without the need for any cooling system.

25 amps at maximum power

Steady temperature

Cutting discs

Heart of steel? More than that!

The cutting discs of the MAC5, as well as those of all Colombini grinders, are the heart of the machine.
Made of sintered tungsten carbide with a 1300 Vickers hardness, they have exceptional wear resistance, up to seven times higher than any tempered steel, and can be resharpened up to 16 times.


Maximum performance
for large productions

The MAC5 is designed for large production runs of all types of coffee, from filter to espresso to Turkish, and work continuously while maintaining consistent performance and quality.

packaging machine

Direct feeding of packaging machines

Thanks to their light weight and small size, and the ability to work in start and stop mode without altering particle size distribution, MAC5 grinders can be installed directly on packaging lines, saving space and making installation easier.


The powerful, flexible, modular grinder

With its high performance and small size, the MAC5 is suitable for both modular systems and direct feeding of any packaging machine.


No-oxigen grinding
with the Degassing system

The MAC5 grinder, with its high hourly capacities, is perfect for feeding any degassing system and in particular the BMM/Colombini Degassing system.


Quick startup
and no waste

Calibrating the machine, which is necessary in case of a new production, is immediate and requires no more than 2-3 kg of coffee.

The MAC5 is therefore perfect for those who frequently change production types.


Easy, reliable,

Colombini grinders are known for their ease of use and can be adjusted even by an inexperienced operator.
Consumption is very low relative to performance; low operating temperatures require no cooling systems; and the densifier, while not essential, is available on request.

The MAC5 requires very little maintenance at a negligible cost. Replacing the grinders is very simple and can be done by a single operator in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

Watch the MAC5 at work.

The powerful MAC5 grinder guarantees outstanding performance and any particle size distribution.

Watch grinding tests for espresso and American coffee.

For any type of coffee grind and spices

Technical specifications

Continuous automatic lubrication

Mixing cooled screw

Rotation speed adjustment of both the lower and upper discs (patented system)

Possibility of automatic sampling

Motorized adjustment of roughing and finishing position 0.001 mm resolution)

Grind output temperature control

Roughing speed adjustment

Total power consumption: 30 kW

Working energy consumption: 10-17 kW

Weight approx 460 kg (1015 lbs)

  • Filter coffee
  • Moka coffee
  • Espresso coffee
  • Turkish coffee

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