Energetic balance

One “macroscopic” difference objectively noticeable between the Colombini cutting system and other systems of grinding into powder on the market today, is to do with the energy balance.

Grinding uses electrical energy to move the mechanical components, for the grinding into powder phase (cutting or compressing the product) and to dissipate the heat produced during the process. The energy cost, now and in the future, is and will be a fundamental factor in the economic evaluation of a production process.

Colombini grinders guarantee an energy consumption of roughly 1/4 compared to other widely used systems.

Total electrical energy used

Energy used to move the mechanical components

Colombini grinders have just one moving part which is constantly lubricated: consumption is therefore extremely low, thanks also to the inverter technology used.

Energy used for grinding

The maximum installed power on a Criomak grinder is 12-13 kW and the maximum consumption in production is 6-7 kW/h per 900 kg/h (of grind for espresso use).

Energy used for the cooling system

The Colombini grinding system has no need of air or water cooling systems, the increases in temperature during the grinding phase are no higher than 20°C for medium-fine granulometries: the electrical consumption in this sense is therefore down to zero.