Colombini MA300


This is the ideal choice for small and medium production, in manual or semiautomatic lines. Equipped with manual grinding adjustment, easy to use and compact in terms of size.

Suitable for continuous production

Small dimensions

Suitable for medium productions even at continuous cycle on several shifts

For semiautomatic and automatic plants

For filter, moka and espresso coffee

Technical specifications

Continuous automatic lubrication

Manual sampling

Manual adjustment of distance between grinding discs (0.005 mm resolution)

Cutting speed adjustment

Electrical control panel with micro PLC (integrater operator panel)

No cooling system needed

Grind output temperature control

Total power consumption: 9 kW

Working energy consumption: 4 - 5 kW

Weight approx 160 kg - 353 lbs (anodised light alloy)

  • filter coffee
  • moka coffee
  • espresso coffee
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