Colombini Criomak 1000 4AX

Colombini Criomak 1000 4ax

The best choice for medium and large production of any grind, from Turkish to filter. Ideal for both direct feeding of packaging machines or storage silos and for the creation of centralised modular lines

Thanks to a patented system Criomak 1000 4AX grinders can use low temperature nitrogen for working in an inert atmosphere and to control with precision the output temperature of the product. Because of the extremely compact size, when the degassing phase is not indispensable, the Criomak series is ideal for directly feeding packaging machines.

Ideal for direct feeding of packaging machines or storage silos, and for creating centralized modular lines.

set up for grinding in inert atmosphere and cryo-grinding

Ideal for large productions

It can be equipped with a PC and obtain total remote online assistance via the internet

Very high production flexibility as demanded by today’s market

Independent adjustment of rough and fine grinding

Possibility of varying the density of the grind without the aid of any compacting system

Repeatability and absolutely consistent results in terms of granulometry and extraction

The average duration of the cutting discs between each sharpening is 800 tons, and the discs can be re-sharpened 10-12 times

possibility of varying hourly capacity by more than 40%

For any type of coffee grind and spices

Technical specifications

Continuous automatic lubrication

Outfeed extractor mixer

Possibility of automatic sampling

Remote and differentiated adjusting of rough and fine grinding with a resolution of 0.005 mm

Electrical control panel with 10’’ colour touch screen PLC (custom work recipe archive)

No cooling system needed

Grind output temperature control

Remote and differentiated adjustment of rough and fine grinding speeds

Total power consumption: 16 kW

Working energy consumption: 8 - 9 kW

Weight approx.: 350/400 kg - 771/882 lbs (anodised light alloy or stainless steel)

  • Filter coffee
  • moka coffee
  • espresso coffee
  • turkish coffee