Colombini TA 50-100

Colombini TA50-100

For direct feed of single dose packaging machines up to 100 monodoses/minute da 7,5 g (up to 70 shots per minute of maximum 6 g special capsules)

Ideal for small-medium single dose production, including continuous cycle over several shifts. Direct grinding makes real time adjustment possible, so keeping waste product down to the minimum, unlike with centralised systems.

Guarantees the best espresso extraction results available on the market today.

For production in continuous cycle over several shifts

No cooling system needed

Simple and extremely precise adjustment

High production flexibility

Repeatability and absolutely consistent results in terms of granulometry and extraction

For direct feed of single dose packaging machines

For coffee in pods and capsules

Technical specifications

Continuous automatic lubrication

Outfeed extractor mixer

Remote adjustment of distance between grinding discs (0.005 mm resolution)

Cutting speed adjustment

Electrical control panel with micro PLC (integrated operator panel)

No cooling system needed

Total power consumption: 4 kW

Working energy consumption: 1,5 - 2 kW

Weight approx 130 kg - 286 lbs (anodised light alloy)