Colombini Angel

Colombini Angel

The little great one.

Designed for small coffee production facilities, labs, coffee shops and other venues, it unites in a small space all the characteristics typical of industrial Colombini grinders. High precision, micrometric setting, reliability and solidity. Capable of producing small batches of grind at continuous cycle an its grinders are so robust that produce over 70 tons of product without deteriorating. A miracle? No, Colombini’s Angel.

Its technological heart.

Angel’s grinders are the same, yet adapted, that Colombini mounts on its TA serie industrial machineries, which allowed it to become global leader. Made in tungsten carbide with Vickers 1300 hardness, Angel’s machines are a guarantee of constant results in time.

Constant temperature of ground material

The small Angel, like Colombini industrial grinders, guarantees a low and constant temperature of the ground output, even in continuous cycle productions.

Constant temperature of ground material

Perfect for small productions and labs

For filter, moka, espresso and turkish-style coffee

Technical specifications

Discs tungsten carbide, hardness 1300 Vickers (UIX30TK)

Life span of discs: 40-70 tons of ground product

Manual micrometric adjustment of the distance between discs, with an 0.002 mm resolution and digital visualization of the position on the discs

Manual cleaning of the exit duct

Product hopper in grains: 2 kg or 10 kg complete with magnet

Sachet up to 1 kg

Power source: 400 V three phase / 220 V single phase with inverter

Installable power: 1,8 kW or 2,2 kW depending on the application

Weight: 48 kg - 106 lbs

  • filter coffee
  • moka coffee
  • espresso coffee
  • turkish coffee
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