Colombini MAC5

Colombini Mac5

With two rotating discs, MAC 5 is the best choice for any type of ground, from Turkish to filter. The ideal both for direct feeding of the packaging machines or the stocking silos and also to make centralized modular plants

Two rotating discs.

Centralized automatic plants.

Big productions at continuous cycle on several shifts

Rotation speed adjustment of both the lower and upper discs (patented system)

Equipped with 10 inches color touch screen

Very high production flexibility as demanded by today’s market

Independent adjustment of rough and fine grinding.

Possibility to grind in inert atmosphere

Cooled densifier

For any type of coffee grind and spices

Technical specifications

Continuous automatic lubrication

Mixing cooled screw

Possibility of automatic sampling

Motorized adjustment of roughing and finishing position 0.001 mm resolution)

Grind output temperature control

Roughing speed adjustment

Total power consumption: 21 kW

Working energy consumption: 11 kW

Weight approx 460 kg (1015 lbs)

  • filter coffee
  • moka coffee
  • espresso coffee
  • turkish coffee
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