Colombini Angel
Colombini Angel

New Colombini Angel

Restyling of our great little grinder

The great little one.

Angel is a grinder designed for small roasteries, laboratories, coffee shops, and grocery stores. It combines the features of Colombini industrial grinders in a compact form: micrometric precision, consistency, reliability, low energy consumption, and durability. It’s also ideal for the continuous production of small batches.

For small roasteries and coffee-shops

Constant temperature,
excellent results.

The Colombini Angel grinding system is suitable for every type of coffee, ensuring low temperature of the ground coffee and consistent particle size distribution.

Constant temperature of ground coffee

Cutting discs

Its technological heart.

Angel burrs are equivalent to the Colombini TA series industrial grinders, designed to grind coffee beans by cutting them with ultra-sharp blades, thus preserving the coffee’s aromas in the best possible way. They are made from Tungsten carbide: a metal known for its exceptional strength and versatility, with a 1300 Vickers hardness. Angel burrs guarantee consistent results over time and help reduce the costs of spare parts and repairs.

Burrs lifespan: 40-70 tons of ground product

New design

Featuring a more functional and rigorous design with a new 3.5″ color display, a small dial for easy programming without a PLC, a modern and minimal push-button panel, and new polycarbonate hoppers , that are lightweight and durable, in addition to the classic stainless steel ones.

Motorized burrs distance

The new Colombini Angel series now offers motorized adjustment of burrs distance as a standard on the Angel PG. This new feature is particularly useful for those who frequently change their work recipes.

Recipe management via app

Another significant upgrade of the grinder is the ability to manage and modify work recipes through a dedicated app: a simple touch is all it takes to adjust the coffee production.

Choose the new Colombini Angel that best suits your needs
5 models, 3 colors, 1 certainty: maximum quality in minimum space

For filter, moka, espresso, turkish-style coffee and capsules

Technical specifications

Tungsten carbide burrs, hardness 1300 Vickers (UIX30TK)

Burrs lifespan: 40-70 tons of ground product

Manuale and motorized burrs distance adjustment (with 0.002 mm resolution)

Discs rpm adjustment

Air cooling

Display: 3,5"

Custom work recipes by app

Worked hour counter

Electronic zeroing burrs

Weight 48 kg

  • Filter coffee
  • moka coffee
  • Espresso coffee
  • Turkish coffee

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